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Dune Walk
  • Dune Walk


    An original watercolor painting, 5.5x8.5 inches, pigment on paper. This painting is framed in a thrifted, wooden, 8x10 desktop frame, and matted with soft sand. If you're interesting in purchasing this work unframed, please reach out to me directly at

    Created as part of the Frolic Collection, which is inspired by adventures in Charleston, SC, where architectural pastels and beachy warmth inspired my brushes. These small works particularly feature contrasting, deep shadows - just as the shady past of this city was always on my mind, it was important to reflect that aspect in my renderings of its beauty as well.


    Most of all, thank you for supporting my work. Creating this art and sending it to the homes of collectors around the world is one of my deepest honors. 


    xo, Bailey

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