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Anticipation of Return
  • Anticipation of Return


    An original watercolor painting, 4x6 inches, pigment on paper. This painting is framed in a thrifted, wooden, 8x10 frame, and double-matted with crisp white. 

    Created as part of the "Repotted" Collection, which is inspired by the changing and shifting as the world fluctuates amidst the ongoing pandemic. Many during this time have found solace and adventure in the growing of potted friends, while being, simply put, potted themselves.


    As early summer bloomed around us, the transition period began as the world got bigger again - it was exciting, but uncomfortable. We had grown used to our crowded pots, and our roots had room to grow again. Within just a few short months, the oscillating of regulations began again, and the spectrum of emotions has grown, as we are repotted again.


    Most of all, thank you for supporting my work. Creating this art and sending it to the homes of collectors around the world is one of my deepest honors. 


    xo, Bailey

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