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My biggest work in progress to date.

Wow, did I completely forget that I have a blog? Maybe.

So sorry for the lack of updates from the studio of late - things have been a little crazy around here, although awesome. I've had a record year for wedding commissions (a true honor, I can't wait to continue showing you all of the incredible things I've created), have been maintaining my typical load of commission work, have attended a record number of weddings in general (8 in one year, WHAT!?), AND have been busy creating my biggest and most exciting work in progress to date.

Of all of the beautiful works my hands and mind have made over the years, this one is the best. A whole little person is growing away, and I'm in absolute awe that my body is creating something so special. Sure, I guess I can't take all the credit - this one is a collab!

Nate and I have dreamed of starting a little family for years, and we're so excited for that dream to finally be a reality. Our newest studio buddy will be making their debut sometime in February of 2023, and we just can't wait.

That said, there's been a lot of adapting! I will be taking a maternity leave once my little bestie arrives (specific details TBD), but am planning on working straight up to the big day. The first trimester was...rough to say the least. I was able to keep up with all of the incredible commission work, but one big thing had to take a back seat.

I've been fighting this at all costs, but have officially decided to take a one year hiatus from the Badass Ladies calendar. As you all know, this project is a huge undertaking for me and takes weeks and weeks of researching, months of painting, and hours of perfecting files, printing, and packaging. I lost a lot of time to the well-known yet completely misnamed phenomenon of "morning sickness" (which, for the record, I will refer to as "all day and all night sickness" from now on), and reached a point where there was just no way to accomplish this year's calendar at the level I expect it to be. It's such an important collection for me, and I can't bare to have it go out into the world unless it's perfect.

I can assure you that the 2024 calendar will be a great one, and I'm so sorry to those who look forward to this collection as much as I do. I hope you can stick with me through this year and be just as excited for next year! In the meantime, I'm comforting myself by celebrating what my badass body is doing right now.

I'm so grateful for all of you, and will have several more studio updates coming soon - there's a lot going on!


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